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Should I eat my

Only you can answer that, as it’s completely your choice. Admittedly, some people find the idea of eating a placenta a little bit alien and, let’s be honest, a little bit gross. We get that. But mothers around the world have reported many health and wellbeing benefits from having their placenta transformed into pills and ingesting the capsules.

From enriched milk to faster post-pregnancy recovery, and increased iron to balanced hormones, placenta encapsulation has empowered, enriched and energised mothers globally. And humans are one of the few very mammals that don’t traditionally eat their own placenta post-childbirth. Until now.

What is

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of transforming a mother’s placenta into capsules that are ingested throughout the postpartum period. Placenta capsules or ‘pills’ are traditionally taken by the mother immediately after birth. Depending on the size, a placenta can yield anywhere between 75 and 200 capsules.

Mothers globally have reported a variety of health and wellbeing benefits during and after taking placenta capsules: from staving off postnatal depression, to a daily energy boost. Celebrity mums like Kim & Kourtney Kardashian and Coleen Rooney are had their own placentas transformed into pills, and are all advocates of placenta encapsulation.

Are the

There is very little (almost zero) scientific research into the benefits of human placenta consumption. However, as the practice continues to grow in the US, UK and Europe, it’s likely that greater scientific resources will be dedicated to researching the health and wellbeing benefits.

A survey conducted by American anthropologists at the University of South Florida and University of Nevada found that about 75% of mothers surveyed claimed to have positive experiences from eating their own placenta, citing "improved mood", "increased energy", and "improved lactation" amongst the benefits.

Are placenta capsules made in

Placenta Encapsulation transforms mothers’ placentas in a purpose-built, sealed unit. Both the equipment and workspace are thoroughly sterilised and sanitised before, during and after each encapsulation to ensure the highest standards of sanitization. There will only ever be one placenta at a time in the unit in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Who will make my

Mama Placenta Encapsulation’s placenta pills are made by Placenta Remedies Specialist, Natalia Hodgson. Natalia is fully-qualified in Food Hygiene, Infection Control and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). Natalia underwent training and qualification from IPEN Placenta Remedies Training and Certification, Europe's leading placenta remedies training program.

When does the

The Placenta Encapsulation process ideally begins as soon as possible after childbirth, normally within the first 24 hours after birth. Mama Placenta Encapsulation understands how tiring and emotionally draining childbirth is, so we offer a collection service from your home or the hospital to lighten the load and begin the process as swiftly as possible - so you can start to reap the benefits faster.

How long does the

We aim to have your placenta capsules back to you within 48-72 hours of collecting or receiving your placenta. We do offer an online booking service, which many expectant mothers decide to make use of. Simply include your details and we’ll be in contact with you right away to book you in.

What does the

The placenta is encapsulated either according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or the Raw dried method.

The Raw method of placenta encapsulation involves slicing and dehydrating the placenta at approximately 118F or below until it's completely dry. The Raw placenta capsules are considered to have a more calming and balanced effect when ingested.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of is the oldest-known and most common recipes of placenta encapsulation, and involves steaming the placenta. The effects of TCM placenta capsules are reported by mothers to be more energising.

Mamá Placenta Encapsulation also offers a Mixed (50/50) batch of placenta capsules: an even mixture of Raw & TCM capsules. Many postpartum mothers are opting for the 50/50 option so they can take advantage of both Raw and TCM benefits. You can see our pricelist here.

Both methods typically yield between 75-200 capsules depending on the size of the placenta.

How many capsules should

In terms of consumption, you should take one or two placenta capsules three times every day: we’d suggest in the morning, mid-afternoon and at night. Capsules should be taken for at least the first six weeks after childbirth. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

If you experience a hormone imbalance, particularly during your menstrual cycle, times of stress, changes in breastfeeding schedule or perhaps even the menopause, you can take TCM placenta capsules (as TCM placenta capsules can be frozen and taken when needed).

Does Mamá only offer

No! Placenta encapsulation is our most-demanded services and placenta capsules are our flagship products. But we also offer an array of different placenta products that you may well prefer to purchase, or buy in addition to your placenta capsules.

Our placenta products include: Placenta Cream, Placenta Balm, Placenta Tincture, Placenta Essence and Placenta Smoothies. You can see our full product range and pricing here.

How much

Courier charges apply for both delivery of your placenta capsules and additional placenta products. The cost of delivery can vary depending on your location and the type of delivery you require. Contact us with your location and we'll estimate courier charges for you. We aim to deliver your placenta capsules to you within 48-hours of receiving your placenta.

Is there a minimum

At least one set of placenta capsules - Raw, TCM or 50/50 Mixed - need to be purchased per order. Additional products such as Placenta Cream and Tincture can be ordered alongside your placenta capsules. Prices for placenta capsules start at £200 and our other placenta products can be purchased from £35 (see our full pricelist here).

How to

You, your partner, a family member or friend can call/text us on 07927 970 747, email us or contact us via our website. We’re also reachable via our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, or through messaging apps like WhatsApp.


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